Dr. Scott Sieberg


Dr. Scott Sieberg

Born in Belleville, Illinois, Dr. Sieberg grew up in southern Illinois, graduating from Carlyle High School. After high school, he went on to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where he received his B. A. in Physiology, and then on to SIU School of Medicine, graduating with his Doctorate in Medicine in 1995; his primary focus was in Family Medicine.

After more than 15 years of practicing family medicine, Dr. Sieberg came to realize that despite all of his extensive medical training, he wasn’t seeing improvements in his chronically ill patients.  It was this epiphany that led him to discover functional medicine. He first studied with Functional Medicine University, and then moved on to the Institute for Functional Medicine, having passed certification in April 2018 and proudly carries the title of IFMCP.

Dr. Sieberg possesses extensive knowledge in the treatment of many chronic diseases, such as cardiometabolic disease, hormone dysregulation, and autoimmune thyroiditis.  He has also become extensively trained in children’s health, including PANS/PANDAS, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders, and is a certified ReCoDe physician for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Sieberg’s philosophy is simple:  find the root cause of your chronic illness, and treat accordingly – this covers all aspects of a patient’s life: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.   He knows that for many disorders, proper gut health, nutrition and lifestyle changes play a huge role.

He is very proud to bring his decades of medical knowledge to his office, now located at Thrive – T.E.C.S. in Vandalia, Illinois. Working side-by-side with his wife, Kelly, and the staff of Thrive, they look forward to working with you on your journey back to health.