Detox & Weight Loss

In this day and age, it is utterly impossible to keep harmful toxins out of your body. Fortunately, when it comes to naturally-occurring toxins, your body has an amazing ability to keep itself clean; however, when it comes to man-made chemicals, there are far fewer processes in place to protect against them.

As these chemicals continue to exist inside your body, they can cause symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, joint pains, and more. Failing to properly eliminate toxins can also lead to a number of serious illnesses that in turn will affect hormone balance, digestion, joint health, and proper mental functionality.  Many times, people dealing with these ailments will turn to medications for a solution, but  unfortunately, this approach introduces even more foreign toxins to the body and can make the ailments even worse.

At Sieberg Integrative Health, we offer a number of advanced treatment and laboratory testing methods to identify optimal detoxification options for our patients. By identifying specific lifestyle and nutrient recommendations for each of our patients, we will work to alleviate your levels of toxicity in a safe and effective manner.

Our goal is for patients to safely cleanse their body of dangerous toxins by promoting a healthy, proper diet and lifestyle changes.

In addition to feeling better, proper detoxification can help to slow the aging process, improve skin tone, and aid in weight loss as well as the resolution of chronic health problems.  Call us today.